Mule Deer Hunting Yakima WA

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Western U.S. Mule Deer Hunting

Eddie Claypool walks up on one of the many velvet monarchs he's been blessed to be able to take over the past 30 years.

Hunting Strategies
Now that you've got the gear, a hunting tag and two weeks off from work, load your truck and drive. It is really that simple! Plan for the best, but be prepared for some tough times. With such an outlook, you are going to be successful even if you don't get a monster buck on your first outing.

If you've chosen to hunt mulies in foothill regions, late August and early September could very well be most profitable at remote water sources such as ponds or springs. Here, treestands and/or ground blinds will be effective tools, so take a few with you. If stand hunting isn't paying off, get your butt on the top of some prominent points at first and last light. Glass your quarry, then slip into some moccasins and execute a smooth stalk, using morning and evening thermals to your advantage. And when your trophy hits the ground in the late-summer heat, be prepared to handle the field dressing chores promptly.

If you've chosen to pursue mulies in mid-elevation country, ditto for most of the aforementioned advice. In this type of area, water is usually much more plentiful. Thus, a water-oriented approach may not work. Instead, the name of the game is usually spot-and-stalk and/or still-hunting. This type of habitat is usually heavily forested, often making glassing tough. In such a case, hit the ground running and look ...

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