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Local resource for archery lessons in Orlando. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to archery bows, archery clubs, beginner archery lessons, basic archery instruction programs, bowhunting programs, and archery training, as well as advice and content on archery instructor training.

Complete Soccer Academy
645 Executive Park Ct
Apopka, FL
Play It Again Sports
(407) 872-3351
2823 South Orange Avenue Suite 110
Orlando, FL
Remanufactured Transmissions
(407) 648-5780
2100 South Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL
Crosstown Sports & Recreation
(407) 854-2105
4929 South Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL
Rite Bike Shop
(407) 648-2620
419 East Michigan Street
Orlando, FL
USA Publishers
(407) 851-7334
500 Gatlin Avenue
Orlando, FL
Central Florida Firearms Inc
(407) 897-8937
2603 Curry Ford Road
Orlando, FL
Ron Jon`s Automotive
(407) 855-6386
4854 South Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL
Transco Transmission - South Orlando
(407) 851-3330
3420 South Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL
(407) 855-9889
3143 South Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL

Bowhunting Shooting Practice Tips

During each practice session, be sure to spend some time practicing at each distance. While I may spend most of my time practicing at long range, I always take a few shots at each distance (and at distances that force me to gap between pins) so I remain confident at each.

Monitor Your Bow
If you know your pins are set perfectly, don’t move them if you are shooting poorly unless you can prove the bow has changed. This brings up a key part of this column, the ability to monitor your bow quickly and precisely so you can tell when something changes.

When you have the bow perfectly sighted-in and shooting great, take several measurements. First, measure and record the exact position of the nocking point relative to the bottom of your arrow rest groove (or the cushion plunger hole if you are shooting a fall away rest). You will need a T-Square to do this properly. Next, measure and record the distance from your nocking point to your peep sight. ...

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Tips For Shooting In The Wind

The majority of my hunting occurs in the wide-open, windswept West where long shots are the norm.

The majority of Western hunting occurs in wide-open, windswept country where long shots are the norm. In 2010, the author bagged this Nevada buck in a heavy crosswind.

The majority of my hunting occurs in the wide-open, windswept West where long shots are the norm. These are the places where I face tough shots across open terrain in the midst of whistling crosswinds nearly every year. In fact, the Nevada buck I was fortunate enough to take just a few days ago would not have made it to my trophy room had I not prepared for these challenging shots. In this month's column, I'll walk you through the equipment selection and preparation needed to execute accurate shots in the wind.

Gearing Up
If you know you will be facing crosswinds often during the season, select equipment that reduces arrow drift and makes it easier to hold the bow steady. Here is what I do.

The Arrow: You can dramatically reduce the distance your arrows drift simply by selecting the right shaft, broadhead and fletching combination. Drift is proportional to the side load applied to the arrow, fletching and broadhead by the wind. The smaller these components are, the less surface area the wind has to push against. As a result, the side load goes down and the arrow drifts less. ...

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